I feel grateful and am humbled by the responses I have received from my students over the many years. I thank them all for their loyalty and trust. – Marcel Desbiens

Margaret Ingles“Regardless of artistic experience, Marcel’s classes have something for everyone. He offers very well structured classes for beginners and invaluable help and advice for more experienced artists looking to revitalise their art practice and develop it further. I learnt such a lot about paint mediums and painting surfaces, and an alternative technique to the one I had been using. Classes are informal and friendly, and Marcel is a patient and knowledgeable mentor. I would recommend his classes to anyone.” – Margaret Ingles

“Marcel is one of the very few great Australian’s advanced art teachers within the field of classical oil painting. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a kind and caring teacher. He is easy to work with, for both the total beginner or more advance and he delivers. His teaching goes beyond the usual training.” – Martina Pook, Director Australian Art Competitions Directory

“If you have any desire to paint with oil, and you wish to start off with a sound knowledge of the medium and, more particularly, the correct way to use it- you could do no better than to commence your studies of this art form than to allow Marcel Desbiens to teach you the basics in great detail- and furthermore, to continue to remain interested and helpful in your progress.” – A.J.Milne

“As I have just completed the beginners and intermediate classes, I could not let a day go by without thanking you so very much. What an experience! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that a brilliant teacher such as yourself would share so much knowledge and give the support as you have done. As it was difficult to get to classes, there was no way that I would have missed it for the world. The passion that you showed in your work has truly inspired me. I have always loved art but have never been able to release the blockage that has stopped me so many times to paint. As I have a long way to go, you have given me the knowledge, understanding, excitement and enthusiasm to begin my journey as an artist.” – Sandra Vlahos – Newlove

“I would like to take the opportunity to tell you that I really enjoyed your lesson last night; it was delivered in a professional but friendly manner with a great atmosphere I look forward to learning from you over the next few weeks and possibly more!” – Christopher Chainey

“Never having been to Art School, I always imagined learning technique from an Old Master. Marcel is not very old but, boy does he have some mastery! I really enjoyed Marcel’s gentle teaching style and looked forward to the classes as providing not only a leap forward in my technique but also a very meditative break from my hectic life.” – Lisa-Jane Stockwell

“The way you taught by example, was very good and it was invaluable to me seeing you in action! One can read ‘how to books’ until one is blue in the face. It is just not the same! Thank you also for teaching us workplace safety i.e.. covering one’s turps etc. I loved the exercises – very simple, yet subtle. What have I learnt – a lot! I have also learnt as to how little I know about painting and I would recommend this course to anyone thirsty for more knowledge. I look forward to participate in one of your future courses to glean more of your talent.” – Regina Lurie

Flower Painting - Linda“I enjoyed the amount of really valuable information that Marcel shared. Tricks and practical hints. I was particularly interested in his underpainting and layering techniques with glazing. He is very generous with his time and answering of questions. Loved the grey exercise and also seeing everyone complete a different work starting a different way. Awesome – like 9 different workshops!

His teaching is excellent. Very easy to understand and practical. As well as being an awesome teacher, Marcel is inspiring and fun teacher. This workshop was extremely worthwhile for anyone no matter how much experience. Very privileged to attend.” – Linda Jones

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