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Skin Tone and Glazing | Marcel Desbiens

Skin Tone and Glazing | Marcel Desbiens

Skin Tone by Glazing in Oil

About this class

2 day workshop.
Painting skin tone has been very important in traditional painting. There has been many variations on techniques developed by artist trying to achieve a realistic impression as well as economy of time and labour.

What will I learn?

Learn how to paint skin tones with a Chiaroscuro effect. It can be used for painting portrait, nude and general composition of the human body. Marcel will guide you with a step by step demonstration, followed by a “hands on” painting exercise. You will learn how to apply three traditional oil painting methods of the Old Masters- Alla Prima, Venetian and Flemish and more specifically from Rubens and Rembrandt.
Find out how to select and mix colours to create the appropriate shades for skin tones, how to choose the right light on the subject to paint and which brushes to use. You will use multiple layering and glazing to result in luminous opalescence of skin

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Experience: Intermediate to advance.

What is provided?

All materials are provided including paints, boards, easels, tables and chairs.
Tea, coffee and biscuits.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.