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Creating From Scratch With Watercolour | Jeffrey Service

Creating From Scratch With Watercolour | Jeffrey Service

About this Course

We are all Artists. This course will show that this is true, and it will bring out the unique Artist within you.
Jeffrey Service’s approach to art is all about capturing the adventure of life and making people smile.
There is guaranteed to be plenty of smiling in this 6 week course with Jeffrey, in which you will learn all about creating works of art in water-colour, including:
• how to find an idea
• how to create it
• basic simple figure-drawing and portrait methods
• perspective, composition and light-and-shade
• different colour combinations, including single colour, and black-and white.
• achieving a professional final art work, framing and marketing.

What will I learn?

Under Jeffrey’s expert guidance and entertaining teaching style, you will work through a series of different techniques and subjects in each weekly session.

For those who have already completed Jeffrey’s two-day workshop, you will be focusing on more complex subjects in the first two sessions.

• Week 1 – you will be creating “A figure/item in a landscape” (could be a cup, a tree, car, person, face, house or some other simple object), choosing only one colour to work with.
• Week 2 – you will be creating “A 3D object” with emphasis on light-and-shade, perspective and atmosphere.
• Week 3 – you will be creating a multi layered painting with fore-ground, middle-ground and long distance.
• Week 4 – you will be creating a 3D layered black-and -white composition denoting a feeling, such as speed, softness, happiness, etc., including setting up tension or anticipation in the composition.
• Week 5 & 6 – you will be creating compositions with combinations containing water, sky, mist, clouds, ground fog, splashes, etc

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists, especially those wanting to find their direction or expand on their current knowledge.

What do I need to bring?

• A book/magazine or dictionary for reference

• Bring your lunch and snacks or you can purchase from cafes close by. We do have a fridge and microwave at the studio for your convenience.

• Bring your painting gear and as many questions as you wish to ask.

What is provided

On each day we will provide:

• One sheet approximately A3 size watercolour paper, smooth
• watercolour colours
• 2 brushes (one small fine point, the other one fine-point larger )
• 10 sheets A4 plain white paper
• 2 pencils (one hard, another softer)
• paint mixing tray

• tea, coffee and biscuits (bring your own cup)
• a friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
• connection to the Brisbane Painting Classes art community

$¤,440 $¤,418 Limited inc GST
Creating From Scratch With Watercolour | Jeffrey Service

<h3 id="AboutthisCourse">About this Course</h3><p>We are all Artists. This course will show that this is true, and it will bring out the unique Artist within you.<br/>Jeffrey Service’s approach to

All materials are provided in this course

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.