Wow Factor with Pastels

Wow Factor with Pastels

Love Flowers? Enjoy painting? Combine the two passions and learn how to create pastels that are full of luminosity, dimensionality and light. Lyn will share her extensive knowledge of colour as well as provide you with the technical know-how to create the illusion of reality with pastel.

The building blocks of line, tone, colour and edge will be discussed extensively to lead you to a better understanding of these important areas. Information will also be given on pastel and pastel surfaces as well as application.

Enjoy clear, informative demonstrations and individual attention at your easel. You will use your own reference material so you can choose your own degree of difficulty or perhaps your favourite flower. Definitely the WOW FACTOR.

“Lyn, thank you so much. You have given me a gift that will last a lifetime”

Materials List

Please come with your composition already drawn up in a PALE pastel or a colour pertinent to your bloom. Focus your composition more on one or two blooms so that it is more of a portrait of a flower.

Paper: 1 sheet of  Fisher 400 or white Ampersand Pastelbord (these are available from or white Art Spectrum Colorfix

Pastels: bring what you have. Include colours pertinent to your subject.

Backing Board: (Not required for Ampersand Pastelbord) Make sure that this is a smooth surface padded with at  least 2 or 3 sheets of pastel paper. Ensure your padding doesn’t create ripples on the surface 

¼” Angle Shader Brush NEEF 999 – this is to brush away unwanted pastel. 

Bulldog Clips
Paper towels 
Kneadable eraser
Drop Sheet

You are welcome to use an easel from the studio.

Reference Photos make sure these are large, clear images preferably with a good play of light and dark. If you are doing your own printing from a computer, make sure that you use photo quality paper NOT plain paper.

Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th October 2017
9:30 am – 4 pm



About Lyn Diefenbach

Lyn Diefenbach

The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for Lyn Diefenbach whose work is imbued with a celebration of her faith and of life. Her paintings cover a myriad of subject matter, with her bold florals consistently receiving accolades nationally and internationally. Her ability to communicate her ideas has entrenched her as a respected and sought-after tutor, with teaching engagements internationally and across Australia. Read more

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