Colour and Abstraction in Acrylics

Starting with ‘abstract loosening up’ exercises, participants in the workshop will then begin to work in their own individual ways following on from these beginnings.

Some may choose to work totally abstract, while others may decide to include some representation in their imagery, incorporating the free use of paint and a wide range of materials.

Collaging is emphasized, and the participants are encouraged to invent, and experiment with, new techniques.

Demonstrations and appropriate suggestions will be made when needed. Reference material on contemporary art will be available.

The use of intuition and free thinking will be particularly encouraged as well as the development of vivid colour.

On the second day participants will work in the same free and investigative way, perhaps starting new works and developing those already started.

Enjoy a weekend of hands-on experimental abstraction painting in Acrylic. Loosen up and paint where anything goes!

Suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced. 

Suggested Materials List

Acrylic Paint (in quantities that one can afford)

White….lots more white than other paint is important

“Warm” yellow
“Cool” yellow 
“Warm” red 
“Cool” red 
“Warm” blue 
“Cool” blue 

(Pthalo green, Dioxine purple and Orange, if possible)          

Derivan polymer gloss varnish
A range of very fine to broad (6cm approx)
Painting surfaces
At least 20 sheets of cartridge paper, approx. 60×40 cm
If you wish, 1-3 canvases, small to medium size


Small plastic containers
Rags and/or paper towels
Scissors and/or Stanley knife

Anything else that you may wish to use such as:
Found objects, old magazines, etc., for collage
Other acrylic paints, Pencils, Artist paper, Canvases
Charcoal, Other painting surfaces, Support board and tape, Crayons, Pastels, Pens and inks, Easel, Gesso
Impasto Medium


Many thanks for such an enjoyable weekend..wild and chaotic as it was !,I really loved the stimulation, and I feel so excited by my new exploration of painting.You have opened doors and I am very grateful.
– Pat Howell

Thank you very much for your terrific workshop in Canberra. I found it stimulating, challenging and fun – a good start for the new year.
– Prue Power

Just a ‘quicky feedback’ re Peter’s workshop – WOW! What a wonderful weekend, wonderful teacher and group. Such a perfect way to start painting again. With all the encouragement I received I hope to find the means to continue expressing myself through my art. It was FAN BLOODY TASTIC! Thanks for creating the opportunity.
– Ishka

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2017
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About Peter Griffen

Peter GriffenPeter Griffen is a full time Sydney based artist and has been painting for forty five years, during which time he has traveled extensively and has had numerous exhibitions in Australia and overseas. He enjoys painting outdoors but the bulk of his time is spent in the studio creating abstract images derived mainly from the landscape. Typical of his work is its playful dynamic quality and the strong use of colour.   More Info

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