Patrick Jones

Patrick JonesPatrick J. Jones is an award winning artist, author and teacher. His work has featured in major U.S. exhibitions, both in NYC and Pennsylvania, and his oil paintings reside in private collections worldwide.

Patrick grew up in Belfast, Ireland, during the worst of the ‘troubles’ where he spent most of his childhood drawing. After two years in the merchant navy he moved to London and spent fifteen years as an illustrator before once more travelling the world. He now lives and works in Brisbane, Australia, where he teaches Masterclasses in figure drawing at private and government universities.

Patrick is the author of two bestselling art technique books. His first book, ‘Sci-fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques’ chronicles his oil painting methods while his companion book, ‘The Anatomy of Style details his figure drawing methods.

His third book, ‘The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones’, is a collection of his fantasy paintings and will be released worldwide by Korero Press in November 2016.

Artist’s Statement

Patrick J. Jones

“I’m a figurative artist who paints in oils. I place my figures in imaginary lands to portray the human spirit without the distraction of the modern world. My recent paintings revolve around themes of love, lust, betrayal and revenge.

I believe core foundation drawing skills are essential for creating a confident artist’s hand, and I believe understanding gesture is the key to drawing the figure with style.”


‘The master artist makes it clear that getting the groundwork right is the key to great art…’

ImagineFX Magazine

‘…in the tradition and quite as powerful as the best of Boris, Frazetta, and I would add Howard Pyle. I can’t say enough here–his work reminds me at times of Jose Segrelles, one of the very finest fantasy illustrators ever…’ Bud Plant’s Art Books

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