June Wilson

June WilsonI am a multi-award winning pastel artist whose focus is on conveying a sense of beauty, time and place, that will invoke an emotional response from the viewer.

My signature style encapsulates the temperate luminosity of the Tasmanian landscape, however, I apply the same principles involving the interplay of light and Colour, to any subjects including still life and portraiture.

Drawing inspiration from my environment, often exploring the same scene at different times and seasons, as I am fascinated by the way light and colour change the feeling of my paintings.

It is through this study of light and colour that I engage the viewer and invite them to respond emotionally to my work.

I originally worked in oils, transitioning over time to pastel, as I found that the immediacy and calligraphic quality of this medium spoke to my soul. I have attended many pastel workshops both nationally and internationally, as well as studying under Leoni duff. Although I am a traditional representative realism artist, I enjoy experimenting with concepts and techniques.

My muse and love is the light; with its caress of flickering shadows. The challenge of capturing this ever changing interplay across the landscapes and the light’s effect on colour is a delight.

I invite the viewer into my world of light and beauty in creation, to share the joy that I see in the simple subjects around me, that reflect my deep faith in a Divine order, forever exploring the possibilities of this ancient medium.

The compelling issue for me is to capture the moment, that fleeting emotion which enticed me to the subject, and then to share it with others.

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