Don Milner

Don Milner

Painting and creating are Don’s passions, with Australia offering him such a rich source of inspiration for his artistic endeavours. He chooses themes and subjects from this rich and unique way of life, it’s characters and scenery, all of which inspire, colour and enrich his world as an artist. His honest, intuitive approach to painting has won Don many awards and accolades which have lead to many commissioned art works produced in his popular themes.

Artists who influence and inspire him: Rubens, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Godward, and modern day masters: Norman Lindsay, Sydney Long, Rupert Bunny, Tom Roberts, James Whistler and contemporary artists: Ralf Heimans, Richard Schmid, Hal Barton, Herman Pekel, Kevin Beifuss and many others.

“I am primarily a Visual Communicator using using images to tell stories in my own way as I celebrate my ‘Freedom of Expression’ through mediums such as Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Charcoal. I’m inspired by my environment and the colourful characters who inhabit it. My internal impressions manifest and reflect themselves through my paintings, covering many subjects and genres, predominately Portraiture, Seascapes, Landscapes, and Still Life.”

“I often paint in a traditional style, however, I also enjoyer exploring new and dynamic ways of seeing and capturing my subject.”

The role of the artist when painting is to capture and express something special about their subject and the intuitive artist can see below the surface, which empowers the creative spirit to express “That special something”… the true and unique essence of the subject.

“I believe every artist needs to discover their own unique way of expressing these things by developing unique techniques and methods. Using colour and tone to create mood and leaving the mark of the artist’s brush strokes in the paint itself.”


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