Learn from Award Winning Master Artists that are highly skilled in their field of expertise. You will experience a wide range of teaching styles while developing new skills, techniques and build confidence.

Choose from Beginners to Masterclass workshops from our local and interstate award winning artists such as David Wells, John Wilson, Paul Margocsy, Rikki Fisher, Colley Whisson, David Henderson, Merv Moriaty, Andrew Bonneau, Donald J Waters and Cherry Hood.

Paint from a variety of mediums i.e. water colour, acrylics, oils and pastels. Paint in different styles i.e. abstract, portraits from life models, impressionism, classical Venetian and Flemish styles.

Marcel DesbiensMarcel Desbiens – Oils

Renowned French-Canadian Master Artist, Marcel Desbiens, is an accomplished Artist and Tutor who generously shares his expertise on the techniques of the Old Masters. He is French Canadian born in Quebec, Peribonka and in 1974 he worked as a full time Artist. Marcel is an award winning artist who has won several prizes for his exquisite Oil Paintings capturing the true essence of beauty in his works. He has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Canada and throughout Australia.  More Info

Ai ShahAi Shah – Oils

Ai Shah was born and grew up in Japan and moved to Australia with her husband in 2005. She started studying oil painting under well-known Australian artist Marcel Desbiens. She progressed quickly and in 2010 won the inaugural Lethbridge 10 000 Art Award with a small-scale water study. More Info

Andrew Bonneau photoAndrew Bonneau – Oil & Graphite from Life and Still Life

Andrew Bonneau is an accomplished artist whose work reflects a deep sensitivity to the forms of nature and the subtlety of light, embodying many qualities of the Western Realist tradition.  More Info

Colley WhissonColley Whisson – Oil

Colley Whisson was born in Brisbane in 1966. His artistic journey began at the age of 20. He quickly developed a strong desire to paint light and its effect on his chosen subject. When Colley paints he is sculpting the image out of carefully placed shadows. His ultimate aim is to inject as much visual excitement into his paintings as possible. More Info

David HendersonDavid Henderson – Oil

David Henderson is an award-winning artist & Royal Academy graduate who paints half the year in Italy. After initial studies in architecture in Brisbane, David enrolled in a course in painting at London’s Royal Academy Schools, graduating in 1985. The Royal Academy awarded him a prize for painting, and he was twice selected for their annual summer exhibition. David has held many solo exhibitions of his work in Brisbane, Melbourne and London and has been the recipient of several awards and commendations. More Info

David WellsDavid Wells – Pastels

David Wells’ relaxed yet highly informative teaching style has made him one of our most popular tutors. His passion for art and especially pastels is matched by his extraordinary talent, which he is more than happy to share with anyone willing to be taught…. More Info

Don MilnerDon Milner – Painting

Painting and creating are Don’s passions, with Australia offering him such a rich source of inspiration for his artistic endeavours. He chooses themes and subjects from this rich and unique way of life, it’s characters and scenery, all of which inspire, colour and enrich his world as an artist. More Info

Donald WatersDonald J Waters – Acrylics

Donald James Waters is an established, Australian artist with an illustrious career spanning well over three decades. While best described as a contemporary artist, Donald’s artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique yet ever evolving and eclectic style. More Info

HelenHelen Cottle – Acrylics, mixed media

Helen Cottle was born in bay side Williamstown, Victoria in 1962, she is a self-taught/self-educated artist who paints in all mediums in a realist/impressionist style. Helen’s artistic life began in early childhood; she would spend many hours drawing from life always seeking new subject matter.
What began as a part time hobby over time evolved into a passion to express herself creativity in whatever medium called on to compliment the chosen subject. More Info

Jeanne CottleJeanne Cottle – Pastels

You know what I love the most about my art classes? I love seeing the amazement on the faces of my students when they step back from the easel and see the beauty they’ve created. It really does make my heart sing. I love showing people how to paint a cloud, or a pear and holding the space for people to connect with themselves and discover their inner artist. More Info

John LovettJohn Lovett – Watercolour

Australian artist, John Lovett was born in Cooma, NSW, in 1953. He studied at the National Art School, Newcastle, and has been painting professionally since 1979. He has held over 40 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous mixed exhibitions. Lovett’s work possesses an emotive power and vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, color and strong sense of design. More Info

John WilsonJohn Wilson – Oils

John Wilson is a highly respected and sought after artist/tutor and judge who has been painting for 42 years. He is one of Australia’s leading oil painters, a multi-award winning artist who has had 47 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows. We are very excited and proud to have John Wilson teach with Brisbane Painting Classes… More Info

June WilsonJune Wilson – Pastels

I am a multi-award winning pastel artist whose focus is on conveying a sense of beauty, time and place, that will invoke an emotional response from the viewer.

My signature style encapsulates the temperate luminosity of the Tasmanian landscape, however, I apply the same principles involving the interplay of light and Colour, to any subjects including still life and portraiture. More Info

Keiko TanabeKeiko Tanabe – Watercolour

Keiko Tanabe is an award winning artist and a signature member of the National Watercolor Society. Often working en plein air, her atmospheric watercolors perfectly capture a sense of time and place. Through her use of color, textures, and signature brushwork, Keiko’s landscapes and cityscapes, beautifully convey both the exotic and the simple scenes of the many places she travels. More Info

Lyn DiefenbachLyn Diefenbach – Wow Factor with Pastels and Oils

The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for Lyn Diefenbach whose work is imbued with a celebration of her faith and of life. Her paintings cover a myriad of subject matter, with her bold florals consistently receiving accolades nationally and internationally. Her ability to communicate her ideas has entrenched her as a respected and sought-after tutor, with teaching engagements internationally and across Australia. More Info

Lyne Marshall Finding Creative DirectionLyne Marshall – Finding Creative Direction

Lyne Marshall completed a BA in Visual Arts in 1994 and a Graduate Diploma in Further Education at USQ Toowoomba and now enjoys helping others find creative destiny. Her interest in the spiritual aspects of art was fuelled by research into creative processes and encounters with Asian art which lead her to produce two books on art philosophy, Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create and Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art. More Info

Maria FieldsMaria Fields – Watercolour

Maria delights in creating colourful, clean, transparent watercolours, loving the challenge of the exhilarating medium with her work encompassing many subjects. “Watercolour is so alluring, fresh, luminous and exciting and I never tire of its fluid seduction and spontaneity. I just have to paint, if I don’t, I don’t feel complete.  It’s as if these paintings are inside me and if I don’t get them out I will simply explode! God has created a beautiful world and I would just like to portray some of that wonder. Subjects that inspire me usually have elements of light/shade, colour or shape.” She also loves to create vibrant floral oils and acrylics, impressionistic pastels and detailed pastel Pet Portraits.  More Info

Maria NazyrovaMaria Nazyrova – Drawing

Maria has studied the traditional methods of drawing in Russia, her homeland.  Maria is keen to share her knowledge and drawing skills with her students.  More Info

Patrick JonesPatrick Jones – Drawing

Patrick J. Jones is an award winning artist, author and teacher. His work has featured in major U.S. exhibitions, both in NYC and Pennsylvania, and his oil paintings reside in private collections worldwide. More Info

PaulPaul Margocsy – Watercolour

In 1978 Paul  became engrossed in wildlife art. After much research into ornithology and through self-taught efforts and experiments he started to get the hang of it.  A few years later he became a member of “The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia” and the very next year won first prize for the best painting. More Info

Peter GriffenPeter Griffen – Painting

Peter Griffen is a full time Sydney based artist and has been painting for forty five years, during which time he has traveled extensively and has had numerous exhibitions in Australia and overseas. He enjoys painting outdoors but the bulk of his time is spent in the studio creating abstract images derived mainly from the landscape. Typical of his work is its playful dynamic quality and the strong use of colour.   More Info

Rikki FisherRikki Fisher – Scratchboard

Rikki Fisher is recognized internationally as a Master Scratchboard Artist (MSA). Currently only 4 Australian artists have attained MSA accreditation with the International Society of Scratchboard Artist (ISSA). Rikki is motivated by her passion for wildlife. She is considered one of the pre-eminent practitioners of this art form. Rikki is both proficient and versatile in the craft and well able to impart her extensive knowledge. More Info

Victoria+Larnach+ArtistVictoria Larnach – Indigo Dye

Born from a Mauritian mother and Australian father, with family roots all around the globe, Victoria grew up in sunny California with deep connection to the outdoors, ocean, wildlife, and cultural diversity. Art was always a passion for her from a very young age, and she was raised to respect and take care of her environment and the biodiversity around her. More Info

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