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It’s More than Just Painting!

Discover the artist within you in small, inspirational and carefully structured classes.

Every single person has the ability to create art and under the guidance of a skilled and attentive teacher, your talent can flourish.

Master Artist Marcel Desbiens has years of experience teaching students to find their own artistic voice and to gain and strengthen their technical skills. Hear what past and current what our students say about us.

Our award-winning guest artists have courses and workshops for all skill levels in oil painting, acrylics, watercolour, drawing, pastels; and in different areas of interest such as clouds, skin texture, water, landscapes and so on. We also have private lessons for intensive training in any technical area you need.

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      • Studio Painting | Marcel Desbiens

        Do you find it hard to devote time to your painting practice?
        Do you get stuck with a painting and don’t know where to take it next?
        Do you have technical questions about your painting?
        Are you looking for a group of likeminded artists to paint with?

        The Studio Painting course provides:

        • uninterrupted time to focus on your own work
        • an expert tutor to help you extend your skills
        • a small group of passionate likeminded artists

        Each term runs for 8 weeks. Priority is given to existing studio painting students and alumni.

        What will I learn?

        Everything you need to know to complete your own painting project.

        Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 students to guarantee personal attention.

        Who is this course suitable for?

        Those who have completed Foundation in Oils and ‘Gain Confidence in Oils’ courses, or who have the equivalent skills and experience.

        What do I need to bring?

        Bring your painting materials with you. Limited art supplies are available for purchase at the studio if you need a top up.

        Please bring odourless solvent only and avoid any strong smelling mediums.

        What is provided?

        • easels
        • backing boards
        • chairs
        • tables
        • tea, coffee and biscuits (bring your own mug)
        • a friendly and supportive environment
        • connection to the Brisbane Painting Classes art community.

      • Gain Confidence in Oils | Marcel Desbiens

        The Gain Confidence in Oils is a natural progression from the Foundations in Oils course. You will reinforce your fundamental skills by painting on different materials and in different styles, as well as learn new skills and start your own project.

        The prerequisite for this course is the Foundations in Oils, or an equivalent skill level.

        What will I learn?

        More skills and techniques in oil painting, including:

        • preparing your own surface to paint on
        • painting on canvas
        • more about composition
        • layering and glazing
        • work on your personal painting project

        Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 students so that you will receive personal attention.

        In each class, your tutor will give a step-by-step demonstration, followed by painting exercises to complete with personalised guidance and feedback from your tutor. Each exercise builds on the previous one, so that by the end of the course you will have created your own work in the style of your choice.... and have extended your skills and confidence in painting with oils.

        Who is this course suitable for?

        The Gain Confidence in Oils course is for those who have completed the Foundation in Oils course, or who have equivalent skills and experience.
        Talk to our friendly team if you are not sure if this course if for you.

        What do I need to bring?

        You will need to bring your paint set from the Foundation in Oils course, or speak to us if you don’t have one. Also, bring a notebook and pen.

        What is provided?

        • fabric and prepared gesso boards for painting exercises 
        • tea, coffee and biscuits (bring your own mug)
        • a friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
        • connection to the Brisbane Painting Classes art community

        {image name:“GalleryImage_GainConfidenceInOIls” align:“centre” caption:“Photos from previous Gain Confidence course”}

      • Drawing and Composition | Maria Nazyrova

        The composition is the placement or arrangement of the visual elements in artwork. It is different from the subject matter of painting. Every painting, whether abstract or representational, regardless of subject matter, has a composition. Good composition is essential to the success of a painting. This is why a good knowledge of elements of composition is very important.

        What will I learn?

        • How to put together the main elements of composition and visual effects.
        • How tone and shape are important in creating an artwork.
        • What elements are essential to creating a good composition
        • How a composition helps to create energy and mood in artwork.
        In each lesson, we will practise our skills in composition. At the end of the course, you will create your own composition for your desired artwork.

        Who is this course suitable for?

        Students who have some basic drawing experience and would like to refine their drawing skills with guidance. We welcome beginners and advance students.

        What do I need to bring?

        Any types of paper, black markers in different sizes (small/mid/large), white and black acrylic paint, brushes (small/mid/large), cup for water, ruler, pencil, eraser, scissors, masking tape, craft glue, coloured pencils or markers (optional).

        What is provided?

        • tea, coffee and biscuits (please bring your own cup)
        • a friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
        • connection to the Brisbane Painting Classes art community

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